20 Ways Stormi Webster Has Melted Our Hearts

Kayla Gleeson | Jan 28, 2019 Celebrities
20 Ways Stormi Webster Has Melted Our Hearts

Stormi Webster Kylie Jenner

We can hardly believe Stormi Webster was born almost a year ago -- it feels like just yesterday that the world was graced with her lovable presence. Kylie Jenner had her world rocked when she gained her new BFF on February 1, 2018. 

Since then, the entire world has fallen in love with Stormi -- and what's not to love? Everything from her doe-eyed gaze to her saccharine smile can make anybody's day. It's looking like Stormi is really fitting in as a member of the Kardashian family -- and to boot, she's got her gang of adorable cousins to grow up with!

There's countless things to adore about Stormi. For one thing, she definitely knows how to pose for a picture (she's not even a year old and she's already taking after her model mother!) To top that, she's got an eye for fashion. Seriously: we've all seen her wearing those little sun hats, right? It's almost too much to handle.

She's grown so much from when we were first introduced to her -- now, we've seen her take her first steps and speak her first words. Kylie and Travis Scott have so much to be proud of. At this point, we still can't even decide who she has more in common with (although, the whole Internet pretty much agrees that she's Kylie's clone.)

There are countless reasons to love little Stormi -- and no matter what anyone's personal favorite thing about her is, we can all agree we're excited to see her grow. 

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