Fans Speculate Jinger Duggar Is Pregnant With Baby #2

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo

It's only been a matter of months since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed Miss Felicity Vuolo into the world, but could they already be expecting their second kiddo? Fans are convinced Jinger is pregnant with baby number two after seeing a photo Jeremy recently posted on Instagram, and it definitely has us wondering. 

  • Exhibit A: This photo of Jinger having a cozy night in.

    Jeremy posted this pic earlier this week, and fans are a little suspicious of the fact that a book is covering Jinger's stomach, and that she's drinking tea when she's always been super obsessed with coffee. Could she be cutting back on caffeine because she has a bun in the oven?

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  • Some are questioning her choice of drink.

  • Jinger really does love coffee, so what's up with the tea?

    In any other instance, this would raise eyebrows about a possible pregnancy, but it was night time, so maybe Jinger just didn't want coffee to keep her up late? There are a lot of reasons that someone might be drinking tea instead of coffee beyond pregnancy.

  • And let's not forget that Felicity is still pretty young.

    Ah, yes ... nursing. That would make total sense! 

  • Still ... this person definitely piqued our curiosity ...

    Huh. What is that wink all about? If Jeremy is trying to clue fans in, hinting that there may be more than meets the eye to this photo, the wink is a subtle way to go about it.

    Hmm ...

  • Then, there's Exhibit B: This photo.

    If Jinger is pregnant, it would make sense that she'd hold Felicity in front of her stomach to conceal a bump, but maybe that's just the way she's holding her ... because how else is she supposed to hold her? Altough, It's still a semi-compelling piece of evidence if you want to believe that Jing is pregnant with her child, but so far? We don't think it's enough to convince us. 

  • When Jinger is pregnant with another baby, we're sure she'll let us know.

    Until then, we're going to keep gushing over all the photos of Felicity that she and Jeremy share. We just can't get enough of that adorable little face!