20 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Bored Out of Her Mind

Kayla Gleeson | Jan 18, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Kim Kardashian Looked Bored Out of Her Mind

Kim Kardashian

We get it -- being an A-list celebrity and model can be boring. OK, just kidding: we don't get it. There's a ton of amazing things about Kim Kardashian and her life. She has an insane career, is loved by millions, and lives in the lap of luxury. But at the end of the day, it's not really about what someone has -- it's about what makes them happy.

Kim may have it all, but she's still human. Despite the extravagant events she attends and the exciting life she gets to lead, boredom doesn't escape her -- no matter what kind of fun escapades she chooses to embark on!

Modeling can be repetitive. It's a lot of standing, sitting, laying, lounging, voguing, and pouting -- there isn't much to (genuinely) smile about. Plus, we can't forget that Kim is a mom of three -- that's enough to make anyone feel fatigued. North, Saint, and Chicago may recharge her with their adorable personalities, but any kid is a lot of work. At least she has Kanye there to help (when he isn't going off on a Twitter rant, that is. Which is yet another stressful addition to Kim's plate.) It's obvious to anyone that she deals with a ton on the daily.

Unlike what we see on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it's not all fun and games. Kim has every right to feel bored, and we don't blame her. Especially with all the Kardashian family drama, it's understandable that anyone could catch her looking totally over it. From Instagram to the red carpet, here's some of our favorite bored Kim looks!

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