Who Is Katherine Schwarzenegger? 22 Things to Know About Chris Pratt's Fiancée

Samantha Sutton | Jan 18, 2019 Celebrities
Who Is Katherine Schwarzenegger? 22 Things to Know About Chris Pratt's Fiancée

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Sure, we've been surprised by celebrity engagements before -- heck, sometimes it takes us literal months to discover a couple secretly said "I do," and don't even get us started on those who quietly welcomed kids -- but we were still slightly stunned when Chris Pratt revealed he had popped the question to Katherine Schwarzenegger. When the two first stepped out together over the summer, we were, admittedly, still getting over the Jurassic World star's split from his ex wife, actress Anna Faris (they share a son, Jack). And now, less than a year after Chris and Katherine were first photographed having a picnic, they're getting ready to say "I do."

(Like we said: Surprising.)
But alas, there are no time limits when it comes to love, and they say that when a person knows, he just knows. And it seems like Chris does, indeed, know. But do we? What information do we actually have about this kinda-mystery woman who stole Chris's heart -- other than the fact that her family is mega-famous, and her last name can be pretty tricky to spell?

Well, it turns out there was a whole lot to learn out there, thanks to that all-knowing Internet and a few interviews Katherine has given in the past. As it turns out, she hasn't exactly led a quiet life. She's a published author (three times over), an activist, and has a public Instagram account packed full of personal details. With a bit of digging, we were able to find out 22 facts about Kat as she’s sometimes called, and the woman is way more than just a pretty (like, really pretty) face.

It's about time we all get acquainted with the new Mrs-Pratt-to-be, who's so lovely, even exes approve.
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