Tori Roloff's Cryptic Post About Life's Difficulties Has Fans Showering Her With Support

Tori Roloff

When it comes to words of encouragement and honesty about her journey as a mom, we can always count on this Little People, Big World star to lift our spirits. Welp, it appears she could use some of her own as Tori Roloff's post about some difficulties on the horizon has fans of the show sending her nothing but love and support.
  • Tori recently opened up on Instagram about the new year and some possible tough times ahead.

    "Life's just been challenging for me lately," Tori Roloff confesses in her Instagram post.

    "I'm entering a new season of life with really difficult things on my horizon and it's hard to know how to navigate them. I know it's just a season and I'm blessed to have people in my corner [are] that rooting me on. Especially this kid. I'm praying 2019 helps me become a better wife, friend, mom, and follower of Jesus."

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  • And it didn't take long before her followers flooded her page with nothing but well-wishes.

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    This, folks, is what community looks like.

  • They're quoting their favorite scripture and words of encouragement as a reminder to keep her head up.

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    So good.

  • Others, however, want to know more.

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    As vague as Tori's post is, there's likely a reason why she's not oversharing right now. And at the end of the day, it's up to her to share how much (or little) with the world.

  • ... like what's going on -- or will happen.

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    Hopefully the answer is nothing. Hopefully no crazy trying time, difficulty, or setback will occur. Because as much as they make us stronger, we kinda need 2019 to not be as dramatic as 2018 and give us all a break.

  • Whatever it is, we hope everything works out better than expected.

    Here's to easier days with less challenges, Tori!