Kim Kardashian Confirms Baby #4 but Raises One Big Question

Kim Kardashian

After plenty of rumors have been going around, we finally know for sure that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting another baby! When she stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday night, Kim confirmed that her surrogate is pregnant -- and it sounds like the Kardashian family is going to be getting bigger sooner than we anticipated.

  • The speculation has been real over the past few weeks, and Kim has stayed totally silent.

    Even as report after report continued to come out claiming that she and Kanye are definitely expecting a baby boy, she hasn't said a word. But on Monday night, that all changed. Trust Andy Cohen to get it out of her! 

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  • When Andy asked Kim if she was pregnant, she gave it to him straight: the answer is yes! 

    In fact, she said that she accidentally spilled the beans while she was drunk at her family's Christmas party, which is super funny -- Kim is known for drinking only on rare occasions.

    Kim also confirmed that the baby will be a boy, which totally shocked Kourtney -- not because she didn't already know that she's getting a new nephew, but because she couldn't believe Kim was sharing so many details.

  • And as for the due date?

    Kim didn't share anything specific, but she did say "sometime soon," which we're taking to mean literally any day now. Wait a minute -- we thought the little guy was not expected until May? Could he possibly be making an entrance much sooner? That's going to be a burning question on all of our minds. We wouldn't be surprised if one day, we'll just open our Instagram app and BAM -- photos of the new baby will be here. That sounds like something Kim would do! 

    Kim didn't share any names that she and Kanye are tossing around, but we have a feeling this one will be just as unique as the ones they gave North, Saint, and Chicago.

  • We can't wait to find out more about Kim's new baby.

    Judging by his other brother and sisters, this guy is going to be super adorable. 

    And we're not gonna lie -- seeing Kim wrangle four kids is going to be so much fun. Some very interesting episodes of KUWTK are probably in our future!