Amy Schumer's 'Aging Challenge' Photo Wins the Internet

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Amy Schumer
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If you've been on Facebook or Instagram over the past few days, you probably know all about the "aging challenge." People are comparing old photos of themselves to recent ones, pointing out how different they look. But we think Amy Schumer has officially won the battle when it comes to this meme. On Monday, Amy posted an aging challenge photo of her own with hilarious results, and it's just another reason why we love her.

  • Although most people have been sharing one of their first Facebook photos as their older picture, Amy took a different approach.

    Yes, that is Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos, the famed serial killer she starred as in Monster. The second photo is totally Amy, though, pregnant and wearing shapewear -- a glamorous look that many moms are all too familiar with. 

    "2009/2019 challenge," Amy wrote. 

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  • Not surprisingly, people are here for it. 

  • Fans can't help but appreciate her awesome sense of humor.

  • And this pretty much describes how we're all feeling!

  • Being that Amy always keeps it real, we're not at all surprised this was her contribution.

    From the good to the bad to the ugly, Amy's pregnancy has been shared with her social media followers, including photos such as this one, where she's getting fluids while struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum and joking about her pregnancy glow. We could not adore her more -- even though it sucks that she's had a rough pregnancy so far.

  • And for the record, Amy looks nothing like Charlize-as-Aileen.

    We still think she's gorgeous, and we kind of hope she shares a legit version of the challenge. We want to see her 10 years ago and now, just to compare. 

  • Leave it to Amy to make us laugh -- all at the same time.

    Is anyone else super pumped for Amy's baby to get here purely for the hilarious (and too real) takes on motherhood she will surely share with her fans? We can't wait to see what she thinks of having a newborn of her very own.