Kim Kardashian's Childhood Photo Looks Exactly Like Chicago West

Kim Kardashian, North West

Just in case you need more proof that Chicago West is Kim Kardashian's mini-me, here it is. Kim just shared a new throwback photo of herself as a kid, and people can't stop pointing out how much she looks like her youngest daughter. And now that we think about it, it's true -- Kim was all Chicago when she was little.

  • Here's the photo in question, which is seriously adorable.

    Kim looks so sweet here! Unfortunately, she didn't share how old she was when this picture was taken or any details behind it, but it's a cute look back at Kim as a child.

    It's easy to see all three of Kim's children in her in this photo -- Saint, North, and Chicago all look just like their mom in their own ways. But really, this picture is all Chicago, and an overwhelming amount of the comments that have been made so far are all about pointing that out.

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  • Comments like this one were predicting that this is what Chi will look like when she's this age:

    We have to agree with this one. This has gotta be what Chicago will look like -- or at least pretty close. They share so many of the same features here! 

  • Most of the comments were like this one, with plenty of heart eye emojis to go around:

    What did we tell you? They're twins -- it's obvious! 

  • And this comment sums it up pretty well: 

  • Looking at a recent photo of baby Chi, it's easy to see how much she has in common with her mama. 

    Those eyes and that nose? Totally the same as tiny Kim! They share so many of the same facial features, and it's wild to see. We'd love to see a side-by-side with a photo of Kim at Chicago's age. We have a feeling they'd be identical! 

    We can't wait to see Chicago continue to grow -- and to find out if she continues to favor Kim as she gets older, or if she ends up looking more like dad Kanye West. She's already beautiful, just like her mama.