Jessa Duggar Makes a Statement About Sister Jana's Relationship Status

Jana Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

Since Jana Duggar joined Instagram last week, rumors have been swirling that this must mean she's entered a courtship -- after all, most of the other Duggar kids waited to go public on social media until they were in relationships. But now, Jessa Duggar is setting the record straight. In fact, Jessa confirmed that Jana is single in an Instagram comment, so it might be time to let those rumors rest. 

  • It's nice to have Jana on Instagram, but people have been leaving all kinds of comments asking if this means she's courting. 

    Yes, it is common for Duggars to get on Instagram when they're courting, so we get why Jana suddenly appearing on the site would make people suspicious. But it's kind of rude to speculate whether someone's dating or not in their Instagram comments, so we're not surprised at all that Jessa decided to speak up.

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  • In a comment of her own, Jessa took it upon herself to let everyone know what's up. 

    Just the kind of sass we'd expect from this girl! It probably has to bug her at least a little that people are making assumptions about her family and asking questions about Jana. Good for her for speaking up -- she's a great sister.

    Plus, we'd totally trust Jessa to pick out a good guy for her sister. She seems so happy with Ben that we have a feeling she'd be awesome at matching her siblings, too.

  • If Jessa is telling the truth, that means that Jessa's 29 and single, which is unheard of in her family.

    The good news? Outside of the Duggar bubble, that's totally normal. Jana is still so young, and she shouldn't settle down unless she absolutely wants to. When (and if) she does end up courting, we know it'll be because she finally found the perfect person for her, without letting any outside factors influence her. 

  • Jana seems happy, and that's all that matters -- whether she's in a relationship or not.

    So can we all agree to let this poor girl Instagram in peace? When she's in a courtship, she'll let us know -- and until then, it should be really fun to see what she posts about. Can we get some DIY home improvement tips, please?