20 Times Amy Roloff Was One Proud Grandma

Madison Breaux | Jan 11, 2019 Celebrities
20 Times Amy Roloff Was One Proud Grandma

Amy Roloff

On or off Roloff Farms, there's absolutely no denying that Amy Roloff is one rock star grandma. There might be some questions about her relationship with boyfriend Chris, but if there's one thing no one seems to worry about when it comes to Amy, it's her skills as a grandma. Baby Jackson and his adorable new cousin Ember are as thick as thieves already, and what they really love is spending time with their loving and dotting grandma, Amy. Even though Ember's parents Jeremy Roloff and Audrey quit Little People, Big World, we're sure that we'll still get peeks into the little baby's life, thanks to granny Amy.

We can only hope, right! We might not get the glimpses we are used to now that they are off the show, but that doesn't mean we'll be short of any grandma-grandchildren cuteness. Thanks to her active Instagram, Amy keeps fans updated with her life as a celeb, a mom, and of course, as a grandmother. Amy Roloff is undoubtedly a busy woman, but she makes it abundantly clear that she always has time to spend with her little grandbabies. 

From hanging out in pumpkin patches to just spending time on the farm, Amy is making sure her grandchildren are never bored when they come to spend time with her. (So, uh, can she be our grandmother too?) Because from the looks of things, these kiddos are living the life when they go over to grandma's house. Amy deserves all the grandmother recognition she can get, so here are 20 times she couldn't be prouder of her little grand-babies.


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