Amy Roloff's New Business Update About Little Kitchen Turns Heads

Amy Roloff

It's not uncommon for a reality star to have a hustle, but this "reveal" has some Little People, Big World fans feeling some kind of way. Case in point: Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen post has folks talking -- and because they're fans of chocolate.
  • Amy and her gal pal are enjoying some fudge in her latest Instagram post.

    "We’re tasting fudge for Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Look for new scrumptious flavors on the site next week," Amy Roloff writes. "I'm pretty excited and can't wait for you to try it."

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  • And it's quite apparent LPBW fans don't care how sweet it is as they're focused on Amy's bling.

    Instagram comments

    Amy and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, cannot escape engagement rumors.

  • ... and why no one is wearing any gloves.

    Instagram comment
  • Instagram comment

    We'll take a guess and say one doesn't need gloves to sample food. (Amy and her friend aren't making anything.)

  • Others can't believe Amy isn't making the fudge considering Little Kitchen is *her* company.

    Instagram comment
    Maybe Amy is involved in the creative/flavor process but handed the reigns over to someone else for this project? Or maybe she did make this and wants to sample it with her friend? We don't know!

  • Let Amy and her fudge be.

    Seriously, she's not hurting anyone.