20 Times Meghan Markle Looked More Hollywood Than Royal

Image: Splash News

meghan markle
Splash News

She may live in Kensington Palace (for now), but clearly Meghan Markle hasn't forgotten her Hollywood roots. From how she interacts with fans to the patronages she's chosen, there's never any mistaking the fact that Meghan isn't a born and bred royal (and that's a good thing). But perhaps the biggest giveaway that Meghan hails from the Golden State is her wardrobe. Sure, she's changed her style a bit since becoming the Duchess of Sussex. But on more than one occasion, Meghan's made it obvious that she'll never completely overhaul the way she dresses. And we couldn't love that more. 

While we're always fans of everything Kate Middleton wears, Meghan's style is more modern and more edgy (for a royal). And definitely a lot more Hollywood. Whether she's wearing a chic pantsuit or a dress that shows a bit of leg, Meghan always manages to marry the classic, sophisticated style of the royal family with the fun and funk of Hollywood -- and that's no easy task. 

On a few occasions there have been reports that Queen Elizabeth isn't the biggest fan of Meghan's wardrobe. In fact, in September, there were rumblings that Meghan's penchant for pants wasn't sitting well with the queen. But still. Pants she wears. And she looks stylish AF if we may say so ourselves. 

She's classy. She's elegant. She's incredibly eloquent. It's like she was made to be a royal! But still, sometimes Meghan still dresses like she's going to a movie premiere. And, yep, we're into it. 

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