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20 Meghan Markle Looks We're Thinking of Adding to Our Closets

Meghan Markle
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There's no denying that the Meghan Markle effect is alive and thriving throughout the fashion industry. Anything the Duchess of Sussex wears sells out almost immediately, making Meghan one of the most influential royals to date. Are we surprised? Not in the slightest. Even before she was officially royal, Meghan's style was the talk of the town on both sides of the pond. This duchess has her go-to brands, and boy have those fashion companies benefited from her loyalty. Meghan is certainly Givenchy's most valuable customer, but every now and again, she opts for clothing and accessories that are a little bit closer to our price range. 

Yes, Meghan loves her haute couture -- and with her insane royal fashion budget, we'd be soaking up the designer clothing, too. However, the duchess isn't above ready-to-wear styles, and luckily for us, that means we too can dress like a royal. 

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right? From her classic Mother Denim jeans to some of her more regal styles, Meghan has worn just about everything under the sun, and we can't wait to get some of her best looks into our own closets. 

Some of the stuff Meghan wears are definitely splurge items, but the duchess has surprisingly worn fairly affordable styles in her short time as a royal. I mean -- who doesn't love J.Crew and Banana Republic? So, just like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, it seems like Meghan has struck a nice balance between royally out-of-reach clothing and commoner-wear. So, without further ado, here are 20 Meghan Markle looks that can easily be added to any closet. 


Everlane Totes

On one of her first public dates with Prince Harry, Meghan used a functional, cute tote bag from ethical brand Everlane. Nowadays, she's using more clutches, but we're sure she still has this bag at the ready.


Tom Ford Sunglasses

Accessories are just as important as the outfit itself, right? Meghan's adorable cat-eye sunglasses came from none other than the great Tom Ford. 


Theory Tops

Before she was officially a royal, Meghan stepped out in this boat-neck top from Theory. While this top is no longer available, the brand does have several Meghan-esque alternatives.


Baublebar Accessories

Sure, Meghan's engagement ring is the ultimate accessory, but when it comes to other jewelry, the duchess has reportedly been a huge fan of Baublebar for some time now. She posted this Baublebar ring on her Instagram ... before she unfortunately deleted her account.


Manolo Blahnik Pumps

Now these are definitely better suited for a splurge. Meghan wears a lot of Manolo Blahnik footwear, but we especially love these classic black pumps.


J.Crew Coats

As far as Meghan's style goes, J.Crew is definitely one of the more affordable brands she has worn. Even before she was a royal, Meghan was a huge fan of J.Crew coats, and now of course, we are too.


ASOS Maternity Dress

 It really doesn't get more affordable than ASOS. Meghan wore a stylish and comfy maternity dress straight off the airplane, because who doesn't want to be comfortable when they travel?


Aritzia Trench

A quality trench coat is a wardrobe staple, and Meghan chose one of the best. This military style Aritzia trench is definitely one of our favorite Meghan casual looks.


Ralph Lauren Ensembles

Nothing says posh quite like Ralph Lauren, right? Meghan's sailor outfit was quite the show-stopper during her sister-in-law date with Kate Middleton.


Club Monaco Looks

Meghan has stepped out in several Club Monaco looks, and like with anything the duchess wears, they usually sell out almost immediately. This exact coat isn't available anymore, but never fear, there are plenty of look-a-likes.


J.Crew Accessories

This woman loves her J.Crew accessories! Meghan used this cute wicker clutch while supporting Harry during his charity polo match.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

A lot of people want the Meghan Markle look all the way down to the makeup, and luckily for us, we know what kind of lipstick the duchess fancies. Meghan is reportedly a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury's matte lipstick in Very Victoria.


Banana Republic Heels

Now who doesn't love Banana Republic? We have to admit, it was pretty refreshing to see Meghan wearing this adorable and affordable strappy heel during her and Harry's tour.

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