20 Royal Family GIFs We're Completely Obsessed With

20 Royal Family GIFs We're Completely Obsessed With
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Thanks to Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and their often-cheeky husbands, the royal family definitely has modernized itself in the last few years, and its members have become more relatable. Still, Queen Elizabeth and all of her descendants aren't exactly known for being wild and zany. As seemingly approachable as the royal family has become as of late, they're still, well, the royal family. They may not be scowling and super serious at all times, but they're still fairly stoic and their lives are steeped in tradition. 

They do have their moments, though. And thanks to the Internet, which never misses a beat, everything Prince William, Prince Harry, and the rest of the royal gang do is caught on video. Or even better: Caught on GIF. That's right, there's a whole library out there of amazing royal family GIFs and they're just as good as they sound. 

It's doubtful the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Sussex ever imagine themselves as GIFs when they're out and about, but thankfully, other people do -- so, yep, they create them! Is it a bit of a time suck? Perhaps. But is it great? Goodness, yes. 

From sweet moments between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their adorable engagement interview to Kate Middleton and Prince William cutting loose, here are 20 royal family GIFs we just can't stop watching. 

  • The Chuckle 


    Perhaps one of our favorite things to come out of the royal engagement interview is this GIF, where Harry and Meghan seem to laugh with one another and condescendingly at the world. 

  • I'm So Lucky


    Annnnd of course this one from the royal wedding will pretty much be ingrained in our brains forever. 

  • Woo!


    Kate Middleton cheering during a game of table tennis? Sure, we'll watch that on a loop. 

  • The Eye Roll 


    Possibly the best GIF of all? Kate Middleton rolling her eyes at an obnoxious New Yorker telling her to "keep wrapping" during a charity event. 

  • The Wedding Kiss


    Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding kiss is pretty great in GIF form ... 

  • Harry's Cheeky Comment


    But that GIF wasn't nearly as great as Harry telling William "Wait until you see her" as Kate Middleton was walking down the aisle. 

  • Silly Lovers


    In case there was anyone out there who didn't think Harry and Meghan were the cutest couple alive, enjoy!

  • Dancing Fools


    Aww, look! It's William and Kate cutting loose!

  • Bottoms Up


    Why is that this GIF of Prince William telling someone that he's going to get a drink so attractive? Into it. 

  • Heads Together 


    This GIF of William, Kate, and Harry promoting their Heads Together campaign could be part of a Wes Anderson montage. 

  • Boom!


    The most popular royal family GIF out there? Probably. And with good reason. 

  • Giggle, Giggle


    When Queen Elizabeth giggles like a schoolgirl, so does the rest of the world. 

  • Taking Off


    When Prince Harry cut an interview short to rush to be with the rest of his troop, it was GIF gold. 

  • Do the Harry 


    Sorry, Wills and Kate, but Harry puts your moves to shame. 

  • Tee-Freakin'-Hee


    This GIF should come with a sparkling special effect and dinging noise for Kate Middleton's teeth.

  • 'What Is This Crap?'


    This GIF of a baby Prince George tossing a stuffed toy to the side really resonates with us. 

  • Princess Charlotte Waving


    Sure, we'll watch that again. And again. And again. 

  • Chuck Cracking Up 


    Who knew he was such a riot under all that stoicism? 

  • Jump Up 


    The Duchess of Cambridge really can do it all, huh?

  • Bye!


    What's cuter than present-day Prince Harry? Toddler Prince Harry. The perfect GIF since birth.

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