Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Planning to Send Meghan Markle a Whopper of a Baby Gift

Kim Kardashian

Let's be real: Most of us wish we were Meghan Markle's BFF, but most of us also aren't going to the lengths that Kim Kardashian supposedly will to make it happen. According to a report from RadarOnline, Kim is planning to give Meghan a push present, and she's hoping that'll serve as her official "in" with the royal family. And of course, since it's Kim, the gift's gotta be big. 

  • According to a source close to Kim, the reality star is convinced that she and the Duchess of Sussex are destined to be besties. 

    “Kim is convinced she and Meghan will be best friends one day,” the insider said. “It’s very much a long-term project and she’s chipping away to impress her when the opportunities arise.”

    And apparently, that means giving her a fancy gift to celebrate her baby's arrival in 2019. 

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  • So what kind of gifts is she thinking of? 

    Meghan Markle
    Splash News

    Well, let's just say it's more than just sending flowers or a couple of cute baby outfits. Apparently, Kim has been shopping for designer onesies, crystal decor for the nursery, and even diamond baby jewelry -- because that's a thing? 

  • Why go for such extravagant gifts? Supposedly, Kim thinks this is HER MOMENT. 

    "The royal baby’s a perfect time for her to remind Meghan -- and Harry -- that she and Kanye are sincere, thoughtful people and she’s looking to stand out from all the other celebrities with something truly impressive,” the source said. 

    To be fair, fancy gifts might work on a lot of celebs, but a member of the royal family? It may not pan out quite the way Kim is hoping it will.

  • Not that we blame Kim for shooting her shot, of course.

    It is Meghan Markle we're talking about, and who wouldn't want to be friends with her? Sending a sweet gift couldn't hurt -- if nothing else, at least Kim will be showing her a little love from one mom to another.

    So far, Kim herself hasn't opened up about her plans, so we guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything unfolds. Watching Kim and Kanye rub elbows with the royals, though? Well, that'd make a really good episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians