20 Most Controversial Duggar Moments of 2018

Nicole Pomarico | Dec 27, 2018 Celebrities

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar

It's been quite a year for the Duggar family, and now that it's all over, it's kind of incredible to think back at everything that has happened. There have been weddings, proposals, and new babies -- but beyond all of that, of course, there have been plenty of controversies. Whether it's about Jill Duggar's parenting skills (or comments made by her husband, Derick Dillard, as always) or what various Duggar kids are up to as adults, 2018 has been a year that this family has kept their fans buzzing, and we don't see signs of that slowing down anytime soon. After all, with a family this huge, there are bound to be mishaps, and some controversies you just can't avoid.

To begin with, the Duggars have always been a pretty controversial family. As any fan of Counting On knows, of course the family has a bit of a different way of living -- with 19 kids in their family, it would be impossible not to. And because of their religious beliefs, they also take different approaches to dating and basically everything else in life, and because of that, a controversy or two is bound to come up. 

Besides, with social media at their fingertips and their lives being documented by the TLC cameras, there are a lot of opportunities that open the Duggars up to judgment, and unfortunately, that can somehow lead to chaos. And this year, it definitely led to a few moments where we were left scratching our heads, trying to figure out exactly why they thought doing or saying something wouldn't make headlines.

With the good and the bad, 2018 has been a huge year for the Duggars. We can't wait to see what 2019 holds, but until then, here's a look back at all of the most controversial moments the family has had over the past year. 

  • Jessa Let Her Son Have Screentime


    To the ordinary eye, this is just a photo of a toddler hanging out. To the Duggar naysayers? This is cause to call Jessa out for Henry's screentime -- and how he was probably having way too much of it. Plenty of people took to the comments to mom shame Jessa for Henry's hair being unbrushed, for him using a tablet, and everything in between. Sigh. 

  • Felicity's Head Wrap Stirred Up Drama 


    Felicity Vuolo is already a stylish baby, partly because of her mom's savvy accessorizing skills. But unfortunately, not everyone is a fan. In fact, some people called Jinger out for it, even just so they could let her know that the wraps and headbands are ugly. Um, first of all, that's rude. Second of all, Felicity always looks fab.

  • Jill Talking About the Birds & the Bees With Her Boys


    Being that they're both still toddlers, people were blown away when Jill posted about giving her kids the sex talk thanks to a book she found on the subject. Of course, when to have that conversation is a totally personal call, but a lot of people thought it might be too early for Sam and Israel to be getting that particular chat. 

  • John & Abbie Broke Courtship Rules


    They may be married now, but fans were a little taken aback when they broke a few rules when they were still courting. Some were simply shocked at the amount of PDA they showed when they were in photos together, while others couldn't get over the fact that John David was reportedly skipping church after getting together with Abbie.

  • Jill & Derick's PDA


    Jill and Derick have never been shy about sharing PDA on social media, but one of their latest posts drummed up a little extra controversy. Some people didn't like that Jill and Derick were smooching in a photo they shared publicly, while others focused on Jill's nose piercing. Can these two ever do anything without criticism? 

  • Jill Showed Off Her Legs


    In recent years, the married Duggar women have been getting a little more lax with the family's strict dress code -- including Jill. And when Jill showed off her legs in this Instagram photo, people just could not stop talking about it, and can you blame them? She looks amazing, so this is definitely the good kind of controversy.

  • Jim Bob's Marriage Advice


    In an Instagram post for Valentine's Day, the Duggar family patriarch shared his marriage advice, which was pretty vanilla -- make time for your spouse despite how busy the kids keep you, stuff like that. Unfortunately, that only opened up him to criticism, with some fans calling Jim Bob out for not raising his own kids because of the family's famed buddy system where the older kids are in charge of the younger ones. Uh, looks like he walked right into that one. 

  • Josiah & Lauren's Courtship 


    When Josiah shared photos from a trip that he and Lauren took at the beginning of their courtship, people were convinced they were breaking rules the family had set for them while they were dating. Because there was no evidence of that, it's a big conclusion to jump to, but that didn't stop their photos from stirring up a bit of controversy anyway. 

  • Austin's Family Ties 


    We've loved watching Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth grow as a couple, but that doesn't mean there haven't been a few bumps along the way. Like how Austin's family's camp was associated with parenting authors who have been accused of child abuse? Not exactly the best look. 

  • Jill's Bath Time Incident


    Like we said earlier, there's almost nothing Jill can do without the haters attacking her, and that includes giving her boys a bath. When she shared a photo of herself reading a book during bath time, people immediately called her out for not spending quality time with her kids instead.

  • Amy Duggar's Sex Life


    Even the married members of the Duggar family don't open up about what happens in their bedrooms, but that doesn't apply to cousin Amy. In an interview, Amy opened up about her wild sex life and what she and husband Dillon King do to keep things spicy after marriage, and ... let's just say we could feel the rest of the family blushing from miles away. 

  • Jill & Derick's Date Night  


    Fans couldn't stop talking about it when Derick revealed that he and Jill had a date night -- in his law school class. Of course, when you have two little kids at home, you have to take time together when you can get it, but many people took issue with the fact that this was considered a date.

  • Jessa's Car Seat Skills


    Jessa may have thought she was just sharing an adorable photo of Henry snoozing away in the car, but boy was she wrong. After she posted this on Instagram, she got plenty of comments from fans about how Henry wasn't strapped in properly and how he shouldn't be eating in the car in case he might choke. Given how much criticism these Duggar moms feel, we're not surprised this happened one bit.

  • Jill Was Accused of Child Abuse


    After Jill shared this photo of herself with her boys, she was accused of child abuse because the boys were so pale. According to the people who commented on the Instagram pic, they were apparently malnourished and didn't get enough sunlight. Um, OK -- or maybe they're just fair-skinned like their parents?

  • Jessa Exposed Her Kids to Germs


    Little kids splashing around in a mud puddle is a pretty typical part of childhood, but not according to Jessa's critics. They accused Jessa of endangering Henry and Spurgeon because of the bacteria, germs, and even ringworm they could be exposed to by playing barefoot in the mud. 

  • Jill & Derick's Nonprofit Got Shut Down


    Their organization had been controversial from the beginning, but earlier this year, Jill and Derick's nonprofit was shut down, which may have been due to their shady fundraising practices and the fact they were planning mission trips without being affiliated with a church. It's anyone's guess what happened there, but of course it couldn't happen without some more controversy that this couple must be used to by now.

  • Kendra & Joseph's Son's Birth


    After Kendra and Joseph welcomed their son, Garrett, into the world, fans were worried that something bad had happened during delivery, thanks to a bruise on the back of his head. While Kendra and Joseph aren't exactly the kind to spill all the details about everything that happens in their family, it seems like Garrett is OK. Whatever happened, it doesn't seem there is a lasting problem.

  • Jana Duggar Rumors


    As Jana still isn't courting or married, rumors about what's going on with her have been rampant -- and this year, one was going around that Jana is dating a woman. Derick, of course, shot that down with a resounding "uh, no" -- but is anyone surprised that he'd be the one to set the record straight on Twitter? Sigh.

  • Jim Bob & Michelle Are Reportedly Over Derick Dillard


    Earlier this year, a report surfaced claiming that Jim Bob and Michelle are tired of Derick after all of the times he drew negative attention to their family -- and can you blame them? But if there is truly friction there, we're bummed about what it might mean for Jill. 

  • Spurgeon Wearing Diapers


    Fans came after Jessa earlier this year when they found out that Spurgeon, who is was almost 3 at the time, was still wearing diapers. Fortunately, Jessa had the best response prepared, saying that she's working on Spurgeon's time, not hers. Don't listen to those haters, Jessa! 

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