Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Are Practically Twinning at the Queen's Christmas Lunch

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth hosted her annual Christmas lunch and both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were there to celebrate. Not surprising in the least, both women looked incredible. Also not surprising? That they both chose outfits they've previously worn. Twinsies!

  • Kate showed up looking fresh as a daisy with a killer blowout and a gorgeous soft pink silk dress.

    kate middleton
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    Many fans believe that the dress is the same Stella McCartney dress Kate first was seen wearing in June 2011 at Prince Philip's private 90th birthday party.

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  • Looks pretty similar to us!

    And look at Kate's hair here! So long! And, despite it being absolutely gorgeous, it looks like this was before Kate started getting her signature bouncy blowouts. 

  • Meghan, on the other hand, wore her hair sleek. But just like Kate, she rewore a dress from a few years ago. 

    A few years ago as in pre-princess days. 

  • The Duchess of Sussex was first spotted wearing the dress in January 2016 on the Today show -- months before she started dating Prince Harry. 

    Make no mistake about it, people: The woman has always had good taste. 

    Also, the fact that she's able to wear pre-pregnancy dresses this far into her pregnancy is pretty damn impressive. 

  • From the looks of things, both duchesses are happy, relaxed, and ready for some downtime, royal style. 

    kate middleton
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    And of course we love the fact that both Kate and Meghan rocked dresses they've already worn. 

    Smart, kind, and frugal -- that's our kind of girl.