Kim Kardashian's Best Instagram Photos of 2018

Michele Zipp | Dec 17, 2018 Celebrities
Kim Kardashian's Best Instagram Photos of 2018

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Kim Kardashian West has had quite a year. In 2018, she had to answer to divorce rumors (which all turned out to be unfounded), fans rumbling about her weight loss, fighting with her sister Kourtney, unfairly being criticized for being a bad mom, and of course the birth of her third child, Chicago West. In true Kim fashion, she handled all of it like a boss, calm and cool (mostly) and her Instagram game didn't suffer one bit. In fact, her social media just keeps getting more and more fascinating. In honor of the incredible photographs Kim features on Insta, we put together a collection of the best ones from the past year. 

Among the incredible selfies this queen takes are some snaps that husband Kanye has taken of her, along with some pics of the whole family together, including her sisters. Some pics are adorable and sweet and some are dangerously sexy. Kim doesn't shy away from sharing some of her most intimate moments on social media ... or anywhere for that matter. Proof can be seen on any episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

What makes 2018 a little different is that we see a Kim who seems more self-assured than ever. A mom of three who isn't going to let any of the haters get to her. A confident wife, sister, and friend who is unabashedly herself, and who remains sweet and caring and fiercely protective of those she loves. Yes, all that can be seen in not only her photographs of her loving on her kids, but also in the slightly scandalous photos, all of which make Kim, Kim. Take a look at some of the best Kim pics of the year.

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