Jon Gosselin's New Pics With His Girlfriend Have Fans Rooting for Their Happily Ever After

Jon Gosselin

Ever since a judge awarded him sole custody of Collin, Jon Gosselin seems much happier. Now the single dad been opening up more about his personal life -- revealing his plans to bring Collin Gosselin home sooner rather than later, and what he really thinks of Kate's reality dating show. But he's peeling back the veil online, too. Jon has been sharing new photos of his girlfriend, which is kinda cool, considering how private he is about his four-year relationship.

  • As anyone can see, Jon and Colleen Conrad are quite happy (and in love).

    "West Hollywood, First night!!! Relaxing with @colleen.conrad122," Jon wrote in his Instagram post about a recent Cali trip with his girlfriend.

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  • They've been enjoying some quality time together.

    "Had a great time in LA with @colleen.conrad122 ..." he gushed in another Instagram post, sharing a series of photos.

  • And his followers are rooting for their happily ever after.

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  • Seriously, people are pretty excited for these two and are crossing their fingers they go the distance.

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  • And TBH, so are we.

    Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Keep enjoying life, you two!