Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Again? The Palace Has Reportedly Commented

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kate middleton
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Even though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first baby in the spring, the rag mags still can't seem to get Kate Middleton -- and the possibility of another baby -- off their minds. Recently, it was reported that Kate is expecting her fourth baby. And when a publication reached out to Kensington Palace for more info, a spokesperson went as far as to comment on the issue. 

  • Star magazine reported that William and Kate are expecting a baby girl, just 8 months after the birth of Prince Louis. 

    A supposed source told the magazine: “A baby girl is on the way for the radiant royal couple.” 

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  • The palace's sentiments on the rumor can basically be summed up in this GIF:

    The Express reached out to officials about the claims, and although a spokesperson declined to flat-out say the rumor was false, the person did say that if Kate were pregnant, an official statement would be released.

  • Rumors of royal pregnancies are nothing new of course, but being that Kate just had Prince Louis, it's a little jarring to see them cropping up already. 

    kate middleton
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    Also, isn't the fact that Meghan Markle is pregnant enough for Star? How many royal pregnancies do we need right now?!

    (Of course, seeing Meghan and Kate pregnant at the same time would be the cutest thing ever. But we digress!)

  • It would definitely be shocking if the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting again so soon after giving birth to Louis, but hey, you never know. 

    On numerous occasions, it's been reported that Kate wants to have "four kids by the time she's 40." But even if there's any truth to that, Kate, who's 36, still has time. 

    Might need to cool it with the Kate Middleton pregnancy talk over there, Star magazine. As the palace put it in so many words: If and when William and Kate do decide to have another child, they'll be the ones to let us know, thankyouverymuch.