20 Times We Loved Jinger Duggar's Style

Michele Zipp | Dec 19, 2018 Celebrities
20 Times We Loved Jinger Duggar's Style

jinger duggar vuolo

Twenty-four-year-old Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo has an incredible sense of style. That style is a little bit edgy and has been cultivated since she was younger -- she has always been the most rebellious of the Duggars. Duggar rules say the women don't wear pants ... or show too much skin -- modest dress is the way for them. But those rules may change after marriage if that's what both husband and wife choose. Jinger has made it clear she can wear what she wants, whenever she wants. And her husband, Jeremy, is there for it. (They clearly have a great relationship.) Jinger's sense of style perfectly reflects who she is ... and it is quite inspiring as well. 

From head to toe, Jinger sparks sartorial creativity. Her super long hair is sometimes down and wild, other times she pulls it back in a ponytail or adorable top knot. She favors bold, dangling earrings, which adds to her signature look. But she's never boring and always mixes it up. 

Jinger does wear dresses, often in delicate prints and always with function. She loves pockets as much as everyone else! But sometimes her dresses are mini and show a lot more leg than some may be used to in the Duggar family. 

And she seems to favor skinny jeans or leggings -- sometimes even wearing them under dresses or going super casual with a cool top. On her feet, there is a clear trend. Jinger loves wedges -- and they are often sky-high. She wears them with ease, of course, and they always perfectly accent whatever she's wearing with them. 

Jinger's style is admirable and inspirational. If only we could all shop her closet! Here is a collection of some of our favorite Jinger looks.

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