20 Cute Pics of Jinger Duggar's Baby We Can't Resist

Michele Zipp | Dec 17, 2018 Celebrities
20 Cute Pics of Jinger Duggar's Baby We Can't Resist

jinger vuolo baby duggar

Sweet Felicity Nicole Vuolo arrived into the Duggar family on July 19, 2018, making Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo very happy parents. Jinger has truly shined as a mom, despite carrying the label as the rebellious Duggar (and any doubts fans may have had). She marches to the beat of her own drum, daring to wear skinny jeans, watch reality TV, and even date and marry someone outside the Duggar circle. Jeremy and Jinger even waited until a bit after a year of marriage to have a baby! (It's kind of easy to be rebellious when you're a Duggar.) The couple are raising their daughter their way and it's so very clear it's working out wonderfully. The photos of Felicity are so ridiculously cute, they would bring happiness to anyone who views them.

And of course that's exactly what we are going to do -- there are so many images of this little one that we cannot resist! Sure, all the Duggar kids are incredibly cute, but to focus on 5-month-old Felicity means to focus on the most rebellious baby of the lot (if she takes after her mama, which we suspect she does). Felicity already has amazing fashion sense, she's so incredibly expressive (those giant eyes), and basically has been smiling since birth. Seriously, this kid has shown what it means to be really photogenic in the first five months in her life alone.

Now all these snaps of cutie pie Felicity may make some yearn for Jinger and Jeremy to have another baby. But no one should pressure them for that just yet (or ever). But they did just expand their family by adopting a cat, so that should satisfy some for a bit. We're ever so thankful for this true bundle of joy ... and going through these pics of her truly brings out exactly that. 

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