Jason Momoa's Gift to Lenny Kravitz Proves Husbands Can Have a Bromance With Their Wife's Ex

Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz
jasonmomoa/Instagram; lennykravitz/Instagram

We definitely enjoyed watching Jason Momoa on SNL, and it looks like his wife's ex-husband did, too. The Aquaman star shared that Lenny Kravitz, the ex of his wife, Lisa Bonet, came to support him when he appeared on the show. It appears these two have a bromance, as evidenced by Jason Momoa gifting Lenny Kravitz a special gift to commemorate their bond.

  • Jason not only thanked Lenny on the 'Gram for coming out to watch his SNL performance but also revealed the present he gave the rocker.

    "I'm a huge fan of the artists I meet on instagram love spreading the aloha," the hottie celeb dad wrote in his Instagram post. "I got @lennykravitz a present made by @leroyswoodentattoos amazing bone skull ring. Check him out insta. Mahalo lenny for coming to support me on @nbcsnl aloha j."

    Jason, who started dating Lisa Bonet in 2005 (they officially tied the knot in October 2017), has two children with the former Cosby Show star: daughter Lola, 11, and son Nakoa-Wolf, 9. The Hollywood actor is also the proud stepdad of Zoe Kravitz, Lisa's 30-year-old daughter with Lenny.

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  • The gift is a bone skull ring that matches one he got for himself.

    We can see how those would complement both Lenny and Jason's style.

  • But, wait a minute! Getting a gift for your spouse's ex? What?!

    Jason, Lenny, and Lisa -- as well as  Zoe -- have spoken about how they love having a blended family and spreading the love. 

    It's so great to see!

  • Fans applauded the two men's friendship.

    Instagram photo

    Such maturity on their part!

  • Also, can we just say that Lisa is a lucky lady?

    Instagram comment

    Both her ex and her current husband are pretty easy on the eyes.

  • And Zoe gets not one but two great dads!

    Instagram comments

    They both love and support her, and she can likely turn to both industry pros for advice.

  • Still, folks wondered how it could be that these two men could get along so well.

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    So, there's no jealousy? Whatsoever?

  • But as someone points out, it *is* possible.

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    We love the term "husbands-in-law."

  • We should also add that a few people thought Lenny was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

    Instagram comment

    It has nothing to do with this friendship, but we can totally see it!

  • Jason and Lenny, keep being besties.

    Also, if you guys got a reality show, we would not complain. Just sayin'!