Channing Tatum Debuted a Dramatic New Look & People Can't Deal

WeirPhotos/Splash News

Channing Tatum
WeirPhotos/Splash News

People have been known to reinvent themselves following a breakup, and while we aren't sure if this was just coincidence or because of something else, it's definitely turning heads. Channing Tatum shaved off his hair, and the pic has people going absolutely wild.

  • Channing took to the 'Gram to reveal he's now bald.

    "So serious when try'in to get back to that 2003 P Diddy Sean John runway show look. Hahaha. #bluesteele #calmdown #timetohitthegym," Channing Tatum jokes in his Instagram post.

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  • And it's safe to say people are losing it.

    We'll take this Hollywood stud with or without hair.

  • For the most part, people are digging the celeb dad's new look.

    Instagram comments

    Well, he's been "bald" before, but you get it.

  • Instagram comment
  • Instagram comments
  • A few, however, aren't down with it.

    Instagram comments

    There's always someone.

  • Hey, whatever floats his boat.

    Hair, no hair. Shirt, no shirt. Pants, no pants.

    We're here for it all!

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