20 Ways Prince William & Kate Middleton Will Make an Awesome Uncle & Aunt

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It seems like every day a new report surfaces about the ever-changing state of the relationships between members of the "Fab Four." One day we hear that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are besties, the next, they're sworn rivals. Another day we'll hear that Prince William and Prince Harry are currently on the outs, and then on yet on another site there will be a report about how William and Harry have never got on. Who knows what to believe?! Regardless of the what's going on behind palace doors, though, one thing is for certain: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be a great aunt and uncle to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's baby. 

If there's one thing Prince William and Kate Middleton take seriously, it's Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. On countless occasions, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have proven that their children come first. Because Harry and Meghan are going to be completely new to the parenting game, they're obviously going to have a few questions for Wills and Kate -- and we're confident their answers won't disappoint. 

Whatever is going on with William and Harry, Kate and Meghan, or any other combination among the four of them will have to be put on hold once the newest royal is born. Why? Because William and Kate have some spoiling to do. Just as Prince Harry has always been an incredible uncle to their three little ones, Kate and William will do the same. 

Here are 20 reasons William and Kate will make an awesome aunt and uncle.  

  • Kate Knows What Kids Like 

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    Kate always lights up at royal engagements, but whenever there are kids involved, the duchess is extra radiant. The reason? She loves kids. Without a doubt, Kate will be elicit laughs and giggles from Harry and Meghan's baby once he or she is a little older. 

  • William Can Coach Harry on the No-Sleep Thing 

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    William's been there, done that with babies who won't sleep, so he'll be able to offer advice to Harry, which will in turn make Harry happier -- which will then make his baby happier. 

    It all goes back to William!

  • Kate Knows How to Cuddle Babies

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    The "hard" part of being an aunt. 

  • They Will Come Bearing Gifts 

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  • Kate's Never Afraid to Get Dirty 

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    Perfect for watching kids!

  • William Can Offer Advice ... 

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    ... on how to hold a baby during Trooping the Color. 

  • Seriously Good Hand-Me-Downs

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    Whether Harry and Meghan's baby is a boy or a girl, William and Kate can offer up some seriously stylish hand-me-downs. 

  • Wills Can Always Take the Baby


    When mom and dad need a break, they can hand over the baby to Wills. He knows how to handle a wiggle worm, after all. 

  • Kate's Super Sporty 

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    She'll be great at playing ball and hide and seek!

  • Wills & Kate Are Always Ready for a Dance Party 


    And what little kid isn't?!

  • Will Knows All the Fun Spots 

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    As a dad should.

  • Kate Always Has Toys Handy 

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    Need a Slinky? Kate's got one. 

  • Built-In Babysitters 

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    If Harry and Meghan ever need a night of, they know who to turn to -- Will and Kate. 

  • Kate Can Discipline With Love

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    Not something that comes naturally to everyone!

  • They'll Be More 'Fun' 

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    Everyone knows that aunts and uncles are the fun ones -- because that's all they have to do! No making lunches, no school shuffles -- just pure fun. 

  • William Needs to 'Get Back' at Harry 

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    Just as Harry has always been wild and crazy with Prince George, William gets to return the favor to his niece or nephew. 

  • Kate Knows How to Comfort 

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    Skinned knee? Just see Kate. 

  • They'll Always Be There 

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    Harry and Meghan's child will never wonder where Uncle William and Aunt Kate are -- because they'll all always be at the same functions!

  • Fun Vacations  

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    Surely, William and Kate will be willing to take their niece or nephew on a fun trip!

  • They'll Always Swoop In 

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    Being a royal tot can be a bit overwhelming. Without a doubt, Kate will always be willing to swoop in and help out if Harry and Meghan's babe just feels like hiding. 

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