Prince William Makes Fun of Kate Middleton's Outfit & We're Here for It

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have been all about town appearing at different holiday events. They royal couple are going to host two holiday parties this year, and they just hosted military family in the Orangery at Kensington Palace where Kate wowed everyone with her festive tartan skirt. However, at her latest appearance visiting the Royal Air Force Akrotiri in Cyprus, it was Will who had something to say about his wife's outfit. That's right! Prince William poked fun at Kate's clothes. Again.  

  • While posing for the photo, Prince William says, "My wife's camouflaged against the tree."

    We love how Kate stands there letting out a giggle, smiling as big as ever. 

    For the record, that blazer that Will made fun of was a $695 Army Green Smythe "Duchess Wool Blazer." Got it Will? Army green! Not Christmas tree green. Kate's cream top did match the garland. 

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  • It's not the first time Will poked fun of Kate's clothes.

    kate middleton prince william
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    Once when Kate was wearing a yellow dress, Will said that she "looked like a banana." Will has been known to be king of one-liners. No one is safe from his jokes. All harmless, though.

  • This is just the kind of relationship these two have.

    Perhaps it's cheeky British humor or the fact they have been married a long time, but Will and Kate seem to totally be in tune with each other ... even if Will pokes some fun at his wife sometimes. (We're guessing she dishes it back to him, too.)

  • Maybe Kate calls him "Pops" to joke around with him -- this is their kids' nickname for him.

    kate middleton prince william

    Apparently "dad" is passe and so Prince George and Princess Charlotte call their dad "Pops." When saying that with a British accent, it's even more adorable. 

    We can imagine Kate taking sweet jabs at Will by calling him "Pops," too.