Khloe Kardashian Faces Harsh Criticism Over Her Latest Post With True

khloe kardashian

It's clear that Khloe Kardashian is feeling good about herself -- as she should. Her sweet daughter, True, is one adorable baby and is doing great, plus she seems to be happy and healthy as well. And Khloe's new platinum hair is amazing. With someone's happiness, however, always comes the haters -- the Kardashians are used to that. The latest vitriol given to Khloe is that her mommy and me photos are a bit too revealing and that she is using True to show off her body. Her latest Instagram photo brought out some awful commenters.

  • The photo in question is one that should be framed.

    Khloe posted this gorgeous photo of her and True with moon emojis and the comment "Moon of my life." 

    We're not sure what filter she used, but it gives the image such an ethereal feel. This should be framed. But instead of seeing the mama's love of her daughter, people are commenting on Khloe's underboob. 

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  • Some people love the snap, but others call Khloe out for being too revealing.

    This isn't the only commenter who wants to know why Khloe's lower boobs are showing. 

    The biggest question is this: Does it really matter?

  • Others go on to say worse things.

    There are those who are going to comment on her body no matter what, but some of the more hurtful commenters are suggesting that Khloe is using her baby to show off her body. 

    Earlier this year, Khloe had to turn off comments on one post of True after trolls took the hateful comments way too far. So we know she's reading these. 

  • Every single thing every Kardashian does gets picked apart. 

    One commenter suggests that this is an excuse for Khloe to post her underboobs and side abs. 

    The only thing that's evident to us about Khloe's photo is how this is a beautiful mother and child moment. Rumor has it that she's even starting to think about having baby number two! Khloe looks amazing, yes. Motherhood looks incredible on her. And for that she should be proud. Besides, has anyone ever seen a photo of any of the Kardashians that didn't show some kind of sex appeal or beauty? Answer: no.

    Flaunt it, Khloe. Do you.