Kim Kardashian Shares a Sweet Update on Chicago -- She's the Opposite of Big Sister North

kim kardashian chicago north saint

Sweet Chicago West is just 11 months old, and we've been wondering what the little cutie has been up to. We know mama Kim Kardashian had been busy planning a wild, Tarzan-themed birthday bash for Saint and Reign. And that North West seems to be the boss of the family. But what about Chicago? Kim did report that her youngest baby "has the best personality," but when she was asked on Twitter about an update on Chicago, her response was adorably funny and helped us gain a little more insight into that personality.

  • It seems that Chicago is usually calm except for one particular time.

    And that's when she's hungry! 

    Kim replied to the fan that Chicago is "Very calm except for when she wants food lol She LOVES food!” 

    We love that Chicago gets hangry. 

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  • Proof of Chicago's chillness can be seen everywhere. 

    Check her out while celebrating her brother Saint's birthday! She's so chill in her onesie looking all cute with those cheeks. 

  • She's even relaxed when with Stormi.

    Although cousin Stormi Scott seems to be a busy baby with a lot of energy, Chicago is the easygoing one. There is no doubt these two will be super close their whole lives. Kind of like the whole Kardashian bunch.   

  • Chicago may end up being the most laid back of all the Kardashian kids.

    With three little ones, parents Kim and Kanye must be thrilled that they have at least one "chill" baby. Kim has also referred to her youngest as "heavenly," and based on this face, we couldn't agree more. Apparently. North is often "in a mood" and is believed to be the sassiest of all the Kardashians. 

    Chicago seems to be the opposite of her big sis and may hold the title for most easygoing of the whole crew. Aww.