9-Year-Old's Reaction to Meeting Queen Elizabeth Couldn't Be More Epic

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Queen Elizabeth II was visiting The Thomas Coram Foundation for Children, one of the oldest children's charities in London. While there, she met many and paused for a photo op with the family hosting the event. Standing around Her Royal Highness must prove nerve-wracking -- she is the beloved 92-year-old monarch -- and those nerves seemed to have really gotten to one person in the crowd. Nine-year-old Nathan Grant dropped to the floor and crawled away after his mom introduced him to the Queen. 

  • The funny moment was captured on film and shows Nathan to be quite the character.

    Everything seemed to be going fine until Nathan's mother said, “We are hosting today and this is our adopted son.” With all eyes on the 9-year-old, he decided to escape. 


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  • The nerves are evident when looking at the moment just before he crawls away.

    The mere presence of royalty must feel monumental, and looking at Nathan's face, the gravity of the moment can be seen. So he did what so many kids around his age would do -- escape! At 9, who wants to hang out with a bunch of adults anyway? 

  • But once Nathan starts his crawl, it's the adults who start to get nervous.

    We're guessing that once Nathan began his getaway, his nerves started calming. But that's when the adults got their own jitters. Without missing a beat, Nathan's mom says, "That’s his version of a bow.” And it couldn't have been a more perfect response. It lightened the mood, everyone giggled, and then Nathan yells from the doorway, "Bye!"

    The Queen will probably be retelling this story for a long time. She's used to kids squirming away from their parents when she meets them. Last year, a 2-year-old had a tantrum in front of her, and she handled it like the Queen she is.

  • Kids have varied responses when meeting the royals.

    Over the years, kids have thrown temper tantrums, cried, fussed, and expressed complete disinterest when meeting royals. Even the royal kids have their own meltdowns. Prince George famously threw a tantrum at his sister's christening.

    But comparing the pics of most of the happy kids meeting the royals and the ones who aren't so into it, and there seems to be one difference. That difference can be seen in a photo from when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were visiting kids in Australia. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex knelt down to the kids' level to greet the children. That small gesture helps kids feel less nervous.

    Of course, maybe Nathan was just in a hurry to get to the other room as soon as possible to escape all the adult energy in the room. His "Bye!" was certainly spirited.