Kourtney Kardashian's 'Co-parenting' Photo With Scott Disick Is Raising Eyebrows

kourtney kardashian

There has never been much doubt that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have found some kind of magic together that even when they are not a couple, they are able to overcome any and all issues and co-parent together beautifully. However, Kourtney's latest photo on Instagram, with the simple caption "Co-parenting" has some wondering how Scott's girlfriend Sophia Richie is going to feel.

  • Kourt obviously co-parents like a boss.

    Yep, there's Scott with Penelope, who both seem oblivious to Kourt's suggestive pose on the end of the bed. 

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  • Not everyone thinks this is amazing.

    Some fans are angry and have called Kourtney disrespectful to Scott's girlfriend, Sophia Richie

  • Despite the opposition to the photo, we can't help but think Sophia knows the deal -- she's been with Scott for about a year and even hangs out with the couple's three kids. She knows their style of co-parenting.

  • Sofia has her own thing going on -- she doesn't need to fret about Scott.

    In fact, Sofia seems like she is the nonjealous type. Plus, the Kardashians approve of her and Scott together -- which is a beautiful thing. Perhaps no one thought it would last with Scott and Sofia because of the 15-year age difference, but love is love.

  • Kourtney also has her own life ... and that life happens to include Scott no matter what.

    With three kids together, Scott and Kourtney cannot NOT be in each other's life forever. They are a great example of co-parenting and don't shy away from their commitment to their kids and family. (We love this image of the five of them on Thanksgiving.) Anyone who gets involved with Scott or Kourt would know this about them.

    Besides, Kourt is living her best life and not caring what the haters think, and there are new rumors that she and "friend" Travis Barker are dating. 

    So as far as Scott and Kourt ... their brand of co-parenting is perfect for them and that's all that matters.