Meghan Markle's Due Date May Be Sooner Than We Expected

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Meghan Markle has been involved in numerous royal engagements lately, which have given royal watchers glimpses of her small but growing baby bump. In some photographs, Meghan doesn't look pregnant at all (which is common for many women in the early weeks, even months of pregnancy). However, when she stepped out on Tuesday to attend a charity concert with husband Prince Harry, Meghan's very noticeable bump had some questioning if her due date is much sooner than originally expected. 

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  • Meghan's baby bump has certainly grown.

    The royal couple was at St. Luke's Church in London to attend the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund's Christmas Carol Service. And by the looks of these photographs, Meghan seems to have popped!

  • Her due date is said to be spring 2019, but the royals can be cheeky when it comes to revealing dates such as this.

    Many have suspected that Meghan's due date is in April and the official announcement out of Kensington Palace of "spring 2019" is certainly quite vague. There was never an exact date given with any of Kate Middleton's pregnancies either. In fact, Louis was said to be due in spring as well and he arrived on April 23.

    Spring starts March 20, so Meghan could be due sooner.

  • Meghan's bump looked a lot different just a couple of weeks ago.

    meghan markle prince harry
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    This lovely photo of the expecting couple is from November 19 when they attended the Royal Variety Performance. When comparing the latest snaps, it really does seem like baby has grown a lot. If Meghan is due in March, this would mean she is just about 6 months pregnant. 

  • March would be a lovely time to have a royal baby.

    Meghan doesn't even look pregnant in this snap from November 21, but it could be the color mix that disguises her baby belly.

    March may be a better month to be born (not that there is any control over it since this baby is going to arrive whenever it is ready). Not only does April mark the celebration of Prince Louis's birth on April 23, but Queen Elizabeth's birthday is April 21.  

    As always, the royals will keep us on our toes with guesses.