20 Most Memorable Royal Family Photos of 2018

Kayla Gleeson | Dec 6, 2018 Celebrities
20 Most Memorable Royal Family Photos of 2018

prince harry meghan markle wedding

The royal family has had a ton of highlights this year -- 2018 had so much in store for them all! From royal weddings to newborn princes, every birthday and banquet made for some breathtaking photographs -- many of which Kensington Palace is gracious enough to share with the envious public on Instagram!

To be a royal is to be surrounded (and loved by) the cameras. The good thing about this is that the royals never need to worry about missing a moment -- it seems that every event (big or small) is captured for them!

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to our favorite snapshots. For one thing, there's definitely a war to be waged when it comes to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding photos versus Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding pics. Then of course, there's Kate Middleton having little Prince Louis, versus Meghan Markle announcing her own pregnancy. We still can't decide which moments we love more!

All thoughts aside, there's no real competition when it comes to how remarkable all of the royal family moments were -- each being special in its own way. We're glad they had another safe, happy and healthy year, and hope that with 2019 comes many more Instagram-worthy pics for us peasants! That said, here are some of the most memorable ones from 2018 (with no favorites -- promise!)

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