20 Times Prince Harry Was Clearly Annoyed

20 Times Prince Harry Was Clearly Annoyed
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Out of all of the OG members of the British royal family, Prince Harry has always worn his heart on his sleeve the most. Since beginning his relationship with Meghan Markle, though, the Duke of Sussex has made his emotions even more apparent -- and not necessarily by saying anything, but by simply having certain facial expressions. For the most part, Harry is fun-loving, irreverent, and always ready to add a little levity to any given situation, but once in a while, dude just looks annoyed. And that's OK -- can't say we'd be totally cool with cameras being in our face every waking moment either. 

Harry is obviously insanely in love with Meghan Markle and, from where we're standing, their relationship is the stuff dreams are made of. But let's not forget there's also been a fair amount of stress for Harry and Meghan since their courtship began a little over a year ago -- and the world has been watching every step of the way. Between the royal wedding, drama with the Markle family, the impending baby, and now supposed tension between Meghan and Kate Middleton, it's understandable that Harry isn't all smiles all the time. The guy's under a lot of pressure!

While we do always appreciate a good a photo or video clip of Prince Harry and his signature cheeky grin, we also understand why it hasn't been front and center recently. There's so much going on. Think it's always rainbows and butterflies when you're a royal? Think again. Here are 20 times Prince Harry looked seriously annoyed.   

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