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  • But the spokesman didn't stop there. 

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    The source continued, "It's a tricky situation but it was a one-off and they are determined to maintain a positive relationship even though they are obviously very different in their approach."

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  • Wait a minute ... did Kensington Palace just confirm that there was a little tiff between Kate and Meg?

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    We're not sure what the palace means by a "one-off," but it surely doesn't sound like the smackdown people aren't making it out to be. 

  • This crazy rumor-mill must be getting pretty out of control if a Kensington Palace spokesman is willing to comment on it.

    The royal family is notorious about keeping hush-hush about certain aspects of their private lives, so we think it's safe to assume that all of the feud talk is getting to them.

  • We can't expect Kate and Meghan to be ultimate BFFs (as much as we want them to be), but that doesn't mean they aren't friendly with each other.

    Kate Middleton
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    Just as with any family, we're sure there are arguments and differing opinions, but we highly doubt the duchesses are screaming at each other in the corridors of Kensington Palace. Besides, Kate seemed perfectly happy to talk about Meghan and her pregnancy, so we're just going to chalk this all up to a tiny argument that got blown out of proportion.

    Now if we could only get some insight into the tension between Prince William and Prince Harry rumors ...