20 Times Meghan Markle Looked Kind of Annoyed

20 Times Meghan Markle Looked Kind of Annoyed
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Meghan Markle generally seems like a happy person. And why wouldn't she be? In addition to being smart, successful, and healthy, she's in a beautiful relationship with Prince Harry. That said, sometimes a girl just isn't in the mood. And who can blame her? Not only does the Duchess of Sussex have cameras in her face 24/7, she's pregnant, and has been low-grade trashed by the media lately for being a bridezilla and making Kate Middleton cry. We'd be annoyed, too! Despite the fact that Meghan Markle's smile is truly the stuff dentists' dreams are made of, it's hard to fault the duchess for just not wanting to show it off all the time. The whole "stop telling women to smile" thing applies to duchesses, too!

Whether she's making an appearance in front of thousands on official duty or completely caught off guard, Meghan isn't always smiling -- and we love her all the more for that. Even though Meghan's megawatt smile always completely lights up the room, she can't be blamed for not wanting to grin ear to ear every time the camera is focused on her. In fact, this only makes her all the more relatable. We don't always feel like smiling either, Meg! We get it!

Since marrying into the royal family, Meghan has brought a sense of American enthusiasm to the monarchy, and without a doubt, she's less stoic than most members of the family. But once in a while she has the whole British stone-faced thing nailed. And on occasion, she even looks annoyed! And that's OK! It's a perfectly normal emotion!

Here are 20 times Meghan Markle may have been annoyed. Or, ya know, just not smiling.  

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