Channing Tatum Is Teasing a 'Magic Mike' Return & People Are Losing It

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Channing Tatum
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Alexa, play Ginuwine's "Pony." With all the talk of the holidays and endless Hallmark movies (don't act like they're not addictive), we just might have a gift that will warm hearts -- and fantasies -- everywhere. Channing Tatum opened up about Magic Mike and whether or not he'll hit the stage again. And let's just say 2019 might be a very good year (*wink*).

  • Entertainment Tonight caught up with Channing in London to celebrate the premiere of his Magic Mike Live tour across the pond.

    "If you'd had told my 19-year-old self that I [would've] owned a strip club one day, I [would've] probably believed you more than if you told me I was going to be an actor one day. Life's weird that way," Channing Tatum jokes in his exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight about the success of Magic Mike.

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  • And from the sound of things, the Hollywood heartthrob could be hitting the stage in his thong soon.

    "Oh, yeah!" Channing told Nischelle Turner during the interview about getting in on the Magic Mike Live action.

    "I'm getting closer to back in shape, but if I'm ever back in shape, I promised the Magic Mike cast of Vegas and London that I will strap on the old thong again. I gotta do it soon because this old body isn't gonna do what it used to do anymore."

  • That's right, ET is teasing Channing will be "back on stage next year."

    Hello, 2019.

  • And it's safe to say people are here for it.

    He is one of the hottest dads alive.

  • The amount of women (and men) swooning over the idea -- and visual -- increases with the thought of every pelvic thrust.

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    The comments don't lie (LOL).

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  • Channing lovers are already planning their trips to see him up close and personal.

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    We already know his girlfriend, Jessie J, enjoyed the show.

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  • Just tell us when and where.

    Seriously, we kinda need to know in advance, 'cause we got kids now and have to coordinate schedules.

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