Another Duggar Baby Doesn't Sound Like It's Far Off

Amy Duggar

Are babies finally on the brain for Amy (Duggar) King? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's "rebel" niece recently opened up about having kids, and apparently, it's something she's been thinking a lot about recently. 

  • Amy married her hubby, Dillon King, in September 2015, but the two have obviously decided to put off having children. 

    She's definitely earned her Rebel Duggar status! It's typical for the married Duggar kids to have a baby within a year of the wedding, and it's been more than three for this pair. Even Jinger (Duggar) and Jeremy Vuolo had baby Felicity before their second anniversary!

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  • According to Radar Online though, Amy may be hiding a big secret.

    According to the gossip site, Amy is following a couple of parenting accounts on Instagram -- one called @Trendybabynames, which offers "unique baby names to inspire expectant parents," and @lollipopbabycamera, an account for a "smart intelligent video-based baby monitor."

    Rather odd accounts to be following if you're not pregnant or trying to conceive. 

  • But wait -- there's more!

    According to Radar, Amy told the site last month that she and Dillon had "babies on the brain." In what they described as a "cryptic interview," Amy also reportedly slammed her famous Counting On cousins for "marrying and multiplying so soon."

    She explained, "I didn’t want to limit myself by just getting pregnant right off the bat and not exploring the rest of what my life could be."

  • She may not be pregnant yet, but Amy is currently working on another kind of baby -- her boutique. 

    Amy assured fans that she's not expecting (yet), commenting, "When I have an announcement, I will make it and it will be amazing. But until that time, I’m just going to laugh and roll my eyes."

    Meanwhile, she's been working on launching her own clothing boutique (scheduled to open in December), and told Radar, "I want to be settled. I think it's boutique, and then a baby."