Meghan Markle Reportedly Had Kate Middleton in Tears Before Her Royal Wedding

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Most commoners want to believe that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have a super close relationship. They go to tennis matches together, share fashion secrets, and spend a lot of time doing incredible things in the world with their humanitarian efforts. If a new report is to be believed, however, Meghan made Kate cry during one of the most important times in her life. Was it stress? Was it mean? Or is it all a lie?

  • The report is that there has been a breakdown in their relationship and it's believed to have begun at a bridesmaid fitting.

    According to Daily Telegraph writer Camilla Tominey, two separate sources claimed that while she was with Meghan for the bridesmaid dress fitting for Princess Charlotte, Kate ended up in tears. 

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  • Was this really the face of Bridezilla?

    Though there are reports that Kate isn't pleased with Meghan and that the princesses often feud over petty things, it's difficult to believe that Meghan would purposely set out to hurt Kate. The timeline of the fitting puts it to just days after Kate gave birth to Prince Louis. If she really was spotted in tears, could there have been another reason for it? Or were those happy tears?

  • Around that same time, it wasn't only Kate who was reportedly upset with Meghan but the Queen as well.

    As the wedding planning was in its final stages, Meghan was said to have asked the Queen if she could wear an emerald tiara instead of the one that Her Royal Highness offered her. According to the same source, this didn't sit well with the monarch. 

    However, in the months since, the duo seem quite cozy with each other.

  • Expecting the "Fab Four" to get along famously all the time is unreasonable,butr it's doubtful the rift (if any exists) is that great.

    If you add these other rumblings to current rumors that Meghan and Harry are moving out of the Kensington Palace compound and into Frogmore Cottage because of their desire for privacy (read: to get away from Kate), one may believe there is a big issue here. But looking into this a bit more, it seems to make more sense that the expecting parents want to move out of what was Harry's bachelor pad and into a place where they can nest. 

    A lot of made-up drama? Plausible.