Kourtney Kardashian Is Taking Heat Over a New Poolside Photo of Reign

Bauer-Griffin/Splash News

kourtney kardashian kids
Bauer-Griffin/Splash News

With all that is going on in the world and -- in particular -- the World Kardashian -- it seems that no sister is immune to jabs and judgement of the jury on the Internet. And no sister, perhaps, has done something more scandalous and shame-worthy than Kourtney Kardashian. Get this: Kourt is allowing her son Reign to have long hair

  • Look at this kid!

    kourtney kardashian reign
    Edward Opi/Splash News

    That hair! That ponytail!

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  • And here he is poolside with mom with all that soaking wet long hair.

    In this Instagram post, Kourtney was put to task for allowing her son to have long hair. Some said he looked like a girl. Others just proclaimed that she should cut his locks. 

  • Others took issue with the fact that Reign appears to be a bit chilly.

  • And others were concerned that Kourtney was more focused on her laptop than her kid.

  • One took it up another notch ...

    Child abuse? Seriously?

  • Can we give Kourtney a break already? Clearly she is an amazing parent.

    This is just one example of the fabulous job she is doing as a mom. Kourt has three kids with Scott Disick -- Mason is 8, Penelope is 6, and Reign is 3. And although here they all are in matching pajamas, it's clear they all have their own little personalities that Kourt and Scott are letting develop. Bravo, parents! 

    Hair is hair. Does it really matter if it's long or short? Gender doesn't dictate hair. It's shameful Kourt is being shamed on this at all. And we wouldn't be surprised if Kourtney delivers a clapback on this one. It's something she hasn't shied away from in the past when haters spewed hate. 

    As for the hype over Reign being cold or Kourtney not paying enough attention to him, something tells us he wasn't without a towel for too long, and we're pretty sure Kourt spent plenty of quality time with him that day.

  • Oh, and as for those who really have a problem with a boy with long hair, there are two words for you.

    Jason. Momoa.