20 Best Kardashian Moments of 2018

Kayla Gleeson | Nov 28, 2018 Celebrities
20 Best Kardashian Moments of 2018

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It's been an exciting, emotional year for the Kardashians. With Kim Kardashian welcoming her second daughter and third child, Chicago West, followed by Khloe Kardashian giving birth to her  first baby, True Thompson, the Kardashians have not only expanded their family -- but expanded their hearts for the new bundles of joy.

We couldn't be happier that the pregnancies went smoothly, and that little Chicago and True are both healthy and happy. But aside from the blatant baby fever, there's been a ton of drama going on behind the scenes -- and on camera -- that we can't help but note.

For one thing, the wacky moments on Keeping Up With the Kardashians have ranged from dramatic to funny to downright awkward to watch. Despite being the family member who supposedly wants to detach herself from the Kardashian name, Kourtney Kardashian seems to have stirred up the most drama on this season of KUWTK. Of course, this wasn't without provocation from Kim -- the fights were certainly more iconic than ever.

Inside the family and out, there have been breakups and makeups -- Kourtney broke things off with Younes Bendjima, while Khloe chose to forgive Tristan Thompson for cheating. Whether fans agree with their actions or not, there's no telling what the future holds for the Kardashians after all these life-changing events. Either way, it's a guarantee we'll be there with them every step of the way, recounting our favorite moments as they live their best lives.

  • Chicago West


    "Chi Noel" West was born on January 15, 2018, via surrogate! Kim, Kanye, North, and Saint welcomed her with open arms.

  • 'The Least Exciting to Look At'


    The phrase that started an iconic blow out fight from this season of KUWTK -- Kim might have taken it a little too far.

  • Kim Gets Called 'An Evil Human Being'


    This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians seemed to be one where Kourtney has had enough of Kim's bullying.

  • 'Born Bitch'


    Kourtney let Khloe and Kim have a taste of their own medicine, adding fuel to the already raging fire.

  • True Thompson


    On April 12, the Kardashians welcomed another addition to the family! Khloe and Tristan are so lucky to have this little girl in their lives.

  • Kourtney's Tarantula Infestation


    Despite having the house sprayed for the spiders, it looks like Kourtney needs an on-premises exterminator at all times!

  • Tristan Gets Caught


    When the family took on Tristan Thompson for cheating on Khloe, it was pretty apparent there was tons of drama behind closed doors. It was a moment of solidarity for the Kardashian sisters, for sure.

  • Baby Fever


    Remember when Kim gossiped about Scott Disick wanting another baby with Kourtney ... and accidentally emailed Kourtney about it? Good times.

  • Scott & Khloe Prank Kris


    A dynamic duo for the ages -- did Scott and Khloe's "art shaming" prank go on for too long? 

  • Kim Returns to Paris

    kim kardashian kanye west paris
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    After that horrifying robbery ordeal in the same city, Kim bravely returned to Paris despite the bad memories. She's come a long way since the incident.

  • 'So I Gotta Be Real With You Guys...'


    "...You look like f*cking clowns."

    Kim gets real about cultural appropriation. Surprising, but welcomed.

  • Kim Gets Pranked


    "Who's the least exciting now, Kim!?"

  • Flash Mob


    Kim keeps getting the wool pulled over her eyes! Kourtney and Khloe put together a flash mob to surprise her, and her reaction was too good.

  • Home for the Holidays


    ...Or not.

    It was another nail in Kourtney's Kardashian family bonds when the sisters found out she was skipping Christmas.

  • Younes Breakup

    Kourtney Kardashian Younes Bendjima
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    What a big year for Kourtney! She and her boytoy Younes Bendjima called it quits after nearly two years of dating. The drama never ends.

  • New Boytoy

    Kourtney Kardashian Luka Sabbat
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    Like we said, it's been a big year for Kourtney. When she was spotted out with Luka Sabbat, the press went crazy. Could this be blossoming into something more?

  • Kim vs. Tristan


    With all the Tristan Thompson drama, it was hysterical to see Kim teasing Tristan behind his back for the cameras -- in the middle of Khloe's delivery, no less! You can't block her from real life, Tristan.

  • Kim & Kanye Save a Neighborhood

    Kim Kardashian Kanye West
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    Kim and Kanye's multimillion dollar mansion almost went up in flames with the Woolsey Fire in California -- but by hiring private firefighters, the pair helped beat back the flames and save a neighborhood. That's one for the books for sure!

  • Race Against Time


    When Khloe went into labor, Kris and Kim jumped to catch a plane on time -- the anticipation was killing us!

  • Khloe Takes a Stand


    On Twitter, Khloe admitted Tristan's actions were "f*cked up and disgusting" -- with sources saying she's only referring to him as "True's dad." Could this mean she's taking a step back from him? Or is another baby on the way? Only time will tell.

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