Celebrities Who Love Khloe Kardashian's 'Good American' Line

Madison Breaux | Nov 27, 2018 Celebrities
Celebrities Who Love Khloe Kardashian's 'Good American' Line

Khloe Kardashian

Just over two years ago, Khloe Kardashian along with Emma Grede created the clothing line Good American, an all-size inclusive brand. Khloe, who has never been shy about embracing her curvier figure, has quickly built a clothing empire around the idea of body positivity and feeling good in one's own skin. Khloe and Emma's creation isn't like most luxury fashion brands that have a very restricting range of sizes. Nope. The Kardashian sister has always been adamant about the fact that she wants anyone and everyone to be able to wear her stuff. Naturally, as with anything the Kardashians put out into the world, Good American has shot up in popularity, and all sorts of celebrities are donning Khloe's clothing. 

What started as just jeans has expanded into bodysuits, sweatshirts, activewear, and much more. Good American has a style, fit, and cut for just about everyone, and Khloe even went as far as to create her own size. The line came out with size 15 for those women who are always stuck trying to find the perfect fit.

So, if there was any doubt about what kind of company Khloe created, there shouldn't be now.

Because of this, it really is no question why so many celebrities are jumping at the chance to wear and promote the brand ... and it's not just Khloe's family. Although, the Kardashian sisters are probably the biggest Good American ambassadors out there, models, actresses, and singers alike are sporting Khloe's clothing. If we had the savings to buy Good American jean in bulk, we would be too! So, here are 19 celebrities that just can't get enough of Khloe's clothing line. Can we blame them? Absolutely not.

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