All of the Sweet Pictures of Prince Louis We Have So Far

Madison Breaux | Nov 23, 2018 Celebrities
All of the Sweet Pictures of Prince Louis We Have So Far

kate Middleton Prince Louis

Oh, that Prince Louis. He may have been born back in April, but since then, we've only been able to catch a few glimpses of the adorable little tot. Elusive as he is, when he does make an appearance, he certainly doesn't disappoint. Now that he's getting a little older, we can expect to see more and more of him, but then again, that's up to his royal parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William. We can't blame them for wanting to keep little Louis all to themselves for some time, but come on Cambridges ... haven't you guys heard that sharing is caring? If Louis wants to be in the spotlight, then let him bask in it! He certainly has enough admirers. 

We suppose we should be grateful for all of the instances that Kate and Will have let us catch a glimpse of their youngest child, but well, we're a little greedy. We just can't wait to watch him grow up with his older siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. So yes, we might be getting a little impatient, but the kid is just too cute not to see!

But because Kate and Will are being stingy with their little tot, we'll just have to take what we can get. As we all remember, it took a while for George and Charlotte to be spotlight regulars as well, so good things come to those that wait. 

So, in the meantime, let's appreciate what we have. Here are all of the photos that we have of the adorable Prince Louis so far. He may only be 7 months old, but this kid is already looking like he's going to be a heartbreaker. Enjoy!

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