Jenna Dewan Responds to Jessie J's Message About People Constantly Comparing Them

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Jenna Dewan
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Can't we all just get along and be nice to one another? That's what Jessie J, Channing Tatum's new girlfriend, and his ex seem to be saying. There's been a ton of drama -- and mean-spirited comments comparing the two awesome ladies in the looks department -- since Channing and Jenna announced they're seeing other people. Following Jesse's long, powerful statement she recently shared on Instagram, it appears Jenna Dewan has a message of her own, and the whole thing is pretty inspiring.

  • Ever since news broke Channing is dating Jessie J, the comparisons to his ex, Jenna Dewan, have been nonstop.

    Jenna Dewan and Jessie J
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    Back in October, outlets started reporting Channing and Jessie are an item that sent everyone in a tizzy. Jenna filed for divorce weeks after as photogs snapped her kissing a man we'd come to know as her new boyfriend, Steve Kazee. Apparently, Jenna and Channing have been involved with their respected new loves for some time now.

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  • Critics tried to bash Jessie in a backhanded kind of way on Jenna's Instagram, saying she doesn't compare to the actress.

    Jenna Dewan Instagram comments

    Tabloids, too, have pointed out how similar the two women look, but Jenna's response was clear. "Positive vibes all the way," she wrote, complete with a kissy face emoji.

    In other words, stop with this nonsense.

  • Jessie J took things a step further by writing out a long statement she shared on Instagram.

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    The overall message? This story doesn't help anyone -- not the women being compared, nor the women reading it -- and we are all beautiful. Women need to support other women, not tear them down!

  • Why does one have to be better than the other? Why can't everyone just be a strong, beautiful woman, and leave it at that?!

  • Welp, Jenna caught wind of Jessie's sentiments and decided to weigh in with some words of her own.

    It's sad that Jenna and Channing didn't work out, but that's just it -- they didn't work out. There's no need for any negativity; it's just a fact. And these days, Jenna looks pretty happy herself with Steve, so really, is there a point of pitting these two women against one another?

    The answer is that there is no point!

  • In short, we're into these positive messages and are glad they shared some quick reminders to stop the comparisons and be nice.

    Yes, ladies! Keep it up. We're all inspired.

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