Jessie J Addresses Jenna Dewan Comparisons in a Powerful Post

Jessie J

Ever since outlets started reporting Channing Tatum is now dating Jessie J, there's been nonstop comparisons to his ex, Jenna Dewan. Critics continue to throw in their two cents -- declaring who's the prettiest, questioning if Channing has a "type" (or "downgraded"), and make other flat-out horrible comments. Welp, it appears this news traveled across the pond as Jessie J's statement about the Jenna Dewan comparisons is powerful and challenges all of us to think before we speak (or write).

  • Jessie made time in her day to craft a message she felt the need to share on Instagram.

    Jessie's statement comes days after Jenna responded to "striking resemblance" comments about the English singer.

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  • Basically, she's tired of hearing about it and questions why men aren't pit against each other in the looks department.

  • She's "disappointed" and "embarrassed" about the whole thing.

  • And proudly declares she's "a woman that supports ALL women," challenging us to be and do better for the sake of the next generation.

  • Because, at the end of the day, "we are all BEAUTIFUL. We are enough just the way we are."

  • And there's no lie in her entire statement.

    We've been saying it from day one: Jessie J is a beautiful and wonderful person who doesn't deserve to be compared to Channing Tatum's ex in any way, shape, or form. (No one should be compared to another person's ex in such a superficial way.)

    It's horrible, hurtful, and 100 percent unnecessary.

    As wonderful as we all thought Channing and Jenna were together, they are both in new relationships (Jenna is now with actor Steve Kazee), happy, and healthy.

    And that, friends, is all that should matter.
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