Channing Tatum's Post 'Confirms' He's Dating Jessie J & People Are Sounding Off

WeirPhotos/Splash News; Hewitt/Splash News

Channing Tatum and Jessie J
WeirPhotos/Splash News; Hewitt/Splash News

It looks like Christmas is coming early for nosy folks who can't help but root for a certain secret couple. Recently, Jessie J publicly supported Channing Tatum for the first time since outlets reported the two were officially dating. And now, the Magic Mike star is making his own declaration (well, kinda) on social media for all to see. Channing Tatum "confirmed" his romance with Jessie J by making things Instagram official.

And people are sounding off.

  • Channing took to Instagram to share a snap of Jessie in action during a London concert.

    "This woman just poured her heart out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall," Channing Tatum wrote in his Instagram post. "Whoever was there got to witness something special. Wow."

    Channing, who's in London for some Magic Mike tour business, has been taking in a number of Jessie's shows. Not only was he spotted in Houston to see his lady do her thing, but Channing also took Everly, his 5-year-old daughter with ex Jenna Dewan, to one of her shows -- sparking a bit of controversy.

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  • He *really* liked the show and can't help but sing Jessie's praises.


  • Speaking of singing, Jessie shared a video on Instagram Stories with someone who sounds like Channing singing to her as she approaches.

  • Needless to say, Channing sharing something about Jessie online is kinda major and has people sounding off -- mainly in support of their love.

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  • Others are quick to shut down any and all Jessie-Jenna comparisons as they seriously need to stop.

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    It's pretty sad Jessie J can't escape Jenna Dewan comparisons, but as Jenna mentioned after responding to a "resemblance" comment recently, the focus should be on "positive vibes."

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  • Jessie is amazing and ultra talented.

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  • Channing is obviously smitten over her.

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  • And that's all that should matter.

    Keep enjoying your best lives.

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