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  • Jill and Derick had a night out together at an event in honor of military veterans. 

    And Jill killed it in this form-fitting, Army green dress and gold heels. Given that Michelle Duggar specifically requires her daughters to cover up from neck to knee, it's still shocking to see so much of Jill's gams exposed. 

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  • She also proudly showed off her nose ring in another photo from the event. 

    Jill debuted her controversial piercing about a year ago by just casually posting selfies on Instagram featuring the stud. 

  • And over the summer, she rocked those same sexy heels in another knee-baring dress.

    It seems like Jill has become a bit more liberal in her dress ever since her sister Jinger (Duggar) married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016 and started rocking jeans on the regular. The Duggar dress code dictates that the girls are not allowed to wear anything other than ankle-grazing skirts once they hit puberty, and then Jinger got herself married and started wearing not only jeans but ripped jeans. 

    It's like she opened a floodgate for her sisters, and even sister-in-law Anna Duggar has been spotted in pants in public. 

  • Jill's husband Derick obviously approves of Jill's sexier side.

    After all, he posted this cute photo of Jill not only wearing shorts but a tank top as well during a hike last summer. 

    But we do hope that Jill is wearing what she wants because it's what she wants, not because she's switched from wearing what her parents demand to what her husband does. Given how happy she seems to be, let's hope that she's making her own wardrobe choices.