40 of Kate Middleton's Best Casual Looks

Madison Breaux | Nov 12, 2018 Celebrities
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Kate Middleton
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Ah, Kate Middleton. We know her best when she's gracing us in beautiful ball gowns, tiaras, and painful-looking heels. However, every once and a while, the Duchess of Cambridge removes all of her royal garb and opts for something a little more low-key. Kate has engagement after engagement to attend, so it makes sense she wouldn't want to wear her best stuff all the time. One can only wear so many elegant dresses before it gets to be a little old. Kate has never shown signs that she's tired of wearing the royally approved outfits, but we're sure she's glad to have a few days where she can throw on a pair of jeans and sneakers and call it good.

And we're grateful, too! We like to see that Kate is just a regular ol' mom ... except for the fact that she lives in a castle and has a royal title, but that's beside the point. Kate's not immune to the everyday annoyances that we all face, and so sometimes, we can imagine that she just doesn't feel like putting in the extra effort. Sure, she could wear dresses and heels to every single royal event and get away with it, but honestly, who would ever want to do that? So, there have been numerous occasions where Kate has stepped out in jeans, athletic pants, and dare we say it ... sweatshirts. Plus, there are those days when the duchess says no to the heels and chooses sneakers or flats.

Kate Middleton ... she's just like us! Sort of. 

Not a believer? Well here are 40 times the Duchess of Cambridge ditched the typical royal garb and wore something a little more casual. 

  • Beer Gal

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    Who says a duchess can't enjoy a nice liter of beer? Cheers, Miss Middleton!

  • Off to the Races

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    The competition was on with these two, and luckily, Kate had on the perfect outfit to win the day.

  • Charitable Kate

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    Kate went with a classic striped sweater for her visit with some young runners.

  • Sundress Casual

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    Kate's casual dress look is still more put-together than our best fancy outfits. Oh to be a duchess.

  • Ready for the Slopes

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    Now, Kate was pregnant at the time, so we doubt she did any actual skiing, but she did look darn cute in the outfit!

  • Royal Tracks

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    Here we have a rare appearance of Kate in .... joggers? Seriously, is there anything this duchess can't wear?

  • Dressed in Green

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    Dark green is definitely Kate's color. She looks amazing!

  • Winter's Best

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    It's hard to look casual, cozy, and adorable in the wintertime, but well, this is Kate Middleton we're talking about here.

  • Kate's Return

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    For Kate's first royal engagement after her maternity leave for Prince Louis, she went a little bit more low-key than some of her other official outfits. Guess she wanted to ease back into things first!

  • The School Outfit

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    Kate seems to have a particular vibe she's going for whenever she visits a school. We dig it!

  • The Mom Outfit

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    Sure, she was on official royal business while wearing this outfit, but it sure does look like something any old mom of three would wear!

  • Olympic Ensemble

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    The Olympics need to return to London sometime soon so we can see Kate in her sporty outfits again.

  • Sporty Kate

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    Just because she's a duchess doesn't mean she can't rock some sneakers like the rest of us.

  • Jeans ... But Make Them Royal

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    Kate certainly knows how to rock a pair of black skinny's. 

  • Cozy Sweater

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    Boy does that sweater look comfy. Cashmere, Kate?

  • Tennis Time

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    Kate really got into the casual vibe when she went to play tennis with some kiddos. We love our down-to-earth duchess!

  • Semi-Casual

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    Even though this outfit seems  put-together, it's actually pretty casual as far as royal ensembles go. 

  • Time for the Farm

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    OK -- we don't know what's more adorable: this picture or Kate's outfit.

  • MVP

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    You know you're a pretty important person when even the most casual of outfits has "The Duchess of Cambridge" written on the back. 

  • Supporting the Marathon

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    The ultimate trio went out to support the London Marathon, and they all looked wonderfully casual.

  • The Early Days

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    Back in 2012, Kate and Will went to watch some of the Olympic Games in London, and Kate showed up in a tank top. Bold move, Catherine.

  • With the Cub Scouts

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    If we didn't know any better, we'd say this was a photo from Kate pre-HRH status days.

  • Royals in India

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    Kate and William are the epitome of casual and cool in this photo. 

  • Military Vibes

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    When Kate goes casual, she sure does love the look of army green and tan coats. We have to say, it certainly is a good style for her!

  • Sundress & Natural Hair

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    We love when Kate embraces her more natural side, and this yellow sundress is definitely one she should keep around.

  • Sports in Wedges

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    Kate Middleton ... what an icon. She can pull off a casual outfit and jump around in wedges. Well played, duchess.

  • So Tropical

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    It's not a roundup of Kate's best casual outfits without this gem. It doesn't get more laid back than that.

  • In the Grass With George

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    Kate was on official mom duty, so of course she needed a more laid-back outfit. 

  • Printed Pants

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    Now this is a rarity. Kate doesn't usually go bold with her pants, but we think she should start doing it more often.

  • Nautical Kate

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    Kate was clearly born for the seas! And to be a royal, of course.

  • Safari Ready

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    Kate can add Queen of the Jungle to her list of royal titles.

  • Business Casual

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    Kate looks like she's ready for a day at the office. And she was ... in a manner of speaking!

  • Showing Off Skills

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    Kate has some serious tennis skills, so if her whole royal thing doesn't work out, then she has a solid backup plan. 

  • Hanging With Lupo

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    Kate always goes casual for the charity polo match, but this time she had an extra-adorable accessory!

  • Scout Training

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    Kate attended scout training with some kiddos, and boy did she have the perfect outfit for the occasion. 

  • Quality Time With George

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    A stripped shirt and casual jeans are all part of Kate's official mom uniform.

  • Too Good to Believe

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    Kate Middleton ... Duchess of Cambridge ... in a hoodie?? We never thought we'd see the day.

  • Time for Rugby

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    We think this jut goes to show that Kate doesn't have to live her entire life in a dress and heels.

  • More Jeans

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    Seriously ... we love our duchess in jeans.

  • Safety First

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    Make a life vest look fashionable? Check.

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