Newly Released Photo of Prince Louis & Prince Charles Is Just to Die For

prince louis

If there's one area in which the world is woefully understocked, it's photos of Prince Louis. Aside from the photo Kensington Palace released of him shortly after his birth (the one with Princess Charlotte!), his christening, and of course the shot of him in Kate Middleton's arms shortly after being born, we haven't seen the little guy. And he was born in April! What gives? The next time we'll likely see an official photo of the newest Cambridge is around Christmas, but thankfully a new snap of Louis was revealed by the Daily Express to tide us over. Thank goodness. 

  • The front page of the Daily Express features a tiny Prince Louis hanging out with Prince Charles. So cute!

    Aww! Simply irresistible.

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  • The last time we caught a glimpse of Prince Louis was in July when photos from his christening were released. 

    Back then, he was still an itty-bitty thing -- he's basically a full-on person now! He must be so cute. Can we even make it until Christmas?!

  • The Cambridges seem to be taking a similar approach with Louis that they took with George and Charlotte.

    In the early stages of George and Charlotte's lives, they were rarely seen. But once they got a little older (read: more predictable), they became staples at royal family events. 

  • Up until the new photo featuring Prince Charles surfaced, this shot of Kate and little Louis was our favorite.

    We're so happy to see another small glimpse of Prince Louis again. But not gonna lie here, what we really want is a current photo. Come on, Cambridges.