Kim Kardashian Forced to Evacuate Her Home to Escape California Wildfire

kim kardashian and kids

While flying back into the Los Angeles area last night, Kim Kardashian shared photos of a wildfire burning on the ground below. It was only after landing that she found out that the flames she saw were part of the Woolsey fire, which was burning in her very own Hidden Hills neighborhood. 

  • This was the first shot that she posted ...

    At this point, while she watched from the window of the jet, it appears as though she didn't realize the flames were burning near her house.

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  • Earlier in the day, Kim shared this image on her Instagram story, after the horrific shooting in Thousand Oaks.

    It was sometime after that she asked for more prayers for the people of California.

  • She let fans know that she was forced to evacuate from her home.

    She continued to document the events of the night, sharing more videos on her Instagram Stories of firefighters arriving. She also noted that everyone in her neighborhood was being evacuated. 

  • Kim also sent out a thank you ...

  • Kourtney Kardashian also chose to evacuate.

    She wound up going over to younger sister Kendall Jenner's house to stay for the night.

  • Although she was safe last night, Khloe Kardashian appears to be worried about the fire this morning.

  • The Woolsey fire continues to rage on ...

    Our thoughts are with everyone who lives within the area affected and the brave firefighters who are combating the flames. We hope and pray for their continued safety.