20 Things to Know About Jenna Dewan's New Beau, Steve Kazee

20 Things to Know About Jenna Dewan's New Beau, Steve Kazee

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We've now had a few months to deal with the devastating news that Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are no longer together. The couple announced their split in April, with the actress officially filing for divorce in October (she's also requesting spousal support, which caused a bit of a debate). Now, each of the stars have managed to move on, even going as far as dating other people. Channing has been linked to singer Jessie J, and apparently that relationship is so serious, he brought his daughter, Everly, to one of her concerts. Jenna, on the other hand is dating the lesser-known star, Steve Kazee.

The truth is, we've been pretty curious about this guy ever since rumors about him flew around Halloween. Apparently, the two were getting cozy, and were even spotted kissing at Casamigos' costume party, sparking dozens of headlines about a so-called "mystery man." Later on, Steve's identity was revealed, and the new couple stepped out holding hands before paparazzi captured them partaking in a sweet yet steamy smooch session

To some, Jenna Dewan's bearded boyfriend seemed to come out of complete left field, but it's possible that the relationship has been going on for longer than the public knew -- at least that's what sources say. It's also worth noting that Steve isn't just some ordinary guy, either. He's actually involved in the biz, too, appearing on Broadway and numerous TV shows. Ahead, we've put together some facts about Steve, including where he's from, why he looks so familiar, and the other famous ladies he's dated (yes, there's more than one).

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